To be eligible for any free* merchandise or services on this site, one or more of the following must apply to you or your organization:

  • Organizations must possess a 501(c)3 designation
  • Individuals must be enrolled full time in a degree program OR be unable to obtain traditional means of employment due to one of the following:
    • Recently incarcerated/convicted
    • Terminal illness
    • Handicapped/mental illness
    • Limited work history

Free Templates

Business Topics:

  • Basic Business Plan
  • Basic Marketing Plan
  • Basic Financial Statements
  • Basic Financial Statements (nonprofit edition)
  • Basic Operating Budget
  • Basic Invoice Template
  • Basic Operating Budget (nonprofit edition)
  • Basic Project Budget
  • Simple Project Management
  • Confidential Email Footer

Personal Development Topics:

  • Simple Budget
  • Simple Timetracker
  • Basic Event Planner