Chaotic Ambassador FAQ

Q: I’d like to know what I’m selling before I join. Can I get a copy for myself?

A: Certainly! Just visit the bookstore at to order a copy. In a rush? Click here to order a copy for yourself from Amazon.

Q: What if I can’t sell the inventory? 

A: We recommend first-time sellers purchase a maximum of 10 units. Should you be unable to sell them, you can return them in excellent condition for a full refund, less the cost of shipping. No questions asked. Please note: you will only be refunded for the price of 10 units in excellent condition, less the cost of shipping. Units appearing used or torn will not be refunded.

Q: I am not in Michigan, can I still sign up to be an ambassador? 

A: Absolutely! Thanks to technology, you can sell and advertise anywhere in the world. Click here to visit the Amazon UK site.

Q: Where can I return my inventory?

A:   Ship returns to the following address:

         TeQuion Brookins

        P.O. Box 1891

       Warren, MI 48090

Q: What is the best method of contact in regards to inquiries?

A: Email or click here to submit an inquiry online.