Announcing: New funding opportunity for U.S.-based
businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Brookins’ Entrepreneur Fund is a newly established program designed by TeQuion Brookins in an effort to acknowledge and encourage current and aspiring entrepreneurs in the US. Awards range from $50 to $1,000 and are awarded year-round. Eligibility is open to existing or aspiring business owners of any race, age, gender, socio-economic background or from any industry across the country. Any application from an eligible business or individual as described above will be considered.

About the program

Inspired by the overwhelming need for capital by the nation’s under-resourced populations, this funding program was designed to increase access to financial assistance without imposing administrative burdens on our entrepreneurs.

What can funds be used for?

Unlike traditional methods, this program prides itself on its “no-strings-attached” process. Grant funds:

  • are never asked to be repaid,
  • are distributed immediately upon award; and
  • can be used toward any business-related need

There is no additional follow-up reporting or “check-ins” required once you receive your payment. Examples of common grant uses include but are not limited to:

  • Purchasing supplies & equipment
  • Paying utilities
  • Servicing loan and credit card debt
  • Covering business registration and filing fees
  • Startup expenses
  • Emergency cash needs
  • Buying software & subscriptions
  • Social media marketing

How much are the awards?

Grant awards range in value from $50 – $1000 and are awarded year-round on an ongoing basis. There is no limit to the number of awards an eligible entrepreneur may apply for, but applying for a grant for the same purpose multiple times in the same month will not increase your odds of winning.

Grant Schedule/Timing

The size of your grant request determines the timing of the award. Below is an outline of award schedules based on grant size.

Grants $50-$300: Awarded Monthly

Grants $301-500: Awarded Quarterly

Grants $501-$750: Awarded Semi-Annually

Grants $751-$1000: Annually

Award notifications are submitted via email so be sure your email address is accurate on your application. All payments are made via check and mailed via USPS. Be certain you provide an accurate mailing address in your application. NoteAwards exceeding $600 in one calendar year will require a 1099-MISC.

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