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How It Works

Decide your commitment level!

Super Chaotic Ambassadors:

Are you eager to earn and willing to commit serious time to maximize your potential? By selecting to become a Super Chaotic Ambassador and agreeing to produce a minimum of 50 sales per month, you qualify for the premium rate of 15%  30% for every sale you generate. PLUS you get to decide which charity receives the other 10% of your sales! Select from either the pre-purchased inventory or unique link selling method. This commitment is perfect for stay at home parents, web developers or those without access to traditional means of employment.

Part-Time Ambassadors:

Not able to commit a full work week but still desiring to maximize your earnings? Become a Part-Time Ambassador and get 10% 20% of the sales you generate, no minimum sales commitment required. Select from either the pre-purchased inventory or unique link selling method. This commitment is perfect for the aspiring entrepreneur in you!

Side-Gig Ambassadors:

Already have sources of income and just looking for some quick cash infusions every once in a while? As a Side-Gig Ambassador you can do just that. No minimum sales commitment. No minimum inventory purchase required. Simply pre-purchase your inventory and sale as often as you’d like. (Requires the pre-purchased inventory selling method). This commitment is perfect for students, professionals, brick and mortar businesses, and individuals looking to earn cash for major upcoming purchases.

Three easy steps!

Step 1: Fill out the sign-up form below and wait for the Welcome email. Typically, approvals take up to 48 hours.

Step 2: Purchase your inventory (easy) or create unique links to my online distributors (advanced).

Step 3: Sell your books using whatever creative (but legal) means you desire. If you purchase inventory, you keep all book sale revenue! Otherwise, you will receive 10% 20% of each processed order (except for Super Chaotic Ambassadors who receive 15% 30%).

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Did you know: regardless of your selling method, a portion of every book’s proceeds will be donated to charity! 



Important Disclaimer: All terms presented on this page are subject to change, with or without notice,
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